Trust account for our clients' money

Information about third party funds

A third party account is a separate bank account that is used to forward money to third parties. The trust account is used by individuals and companies who received money on behalf of others (tenants and landlords). Notaries, lawyers and judicial officers are required to have a trust account. Immobilia has chosen for this third party funds to guarantee your rent (instead of, for example, a landlord directly).

Purpose of the third party funds account

Trust accounts are used to collect money on behalf of clients or to temporarily secure the amounts. This foundation is meant to separate this money and cannot be used by the office itself for other purposes or to protect the office against bankruptcy. A third party funds account has legal protection meaning it cannot be seized and therefore it guarantees that the money will always go to its rightful owners.

Immobilia has a third party funds account so that we can guarantee your safety. Would you like to rent a home, but do not want the deposit to be forwarded to the owner? We keep it safe for you in our third party funds account. 

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